Who we are.

Our company

Brighton Williams was established in 1992 with the aim of providing quality, professional financial advice in the South West. Our Company has grown much bigger since then, but we still keep our focus firmly on the core values we started out with.

What we think.

Our philosophy

"We believe that everyone should have access to quality and professional financial advice, regardless of their financial standing. We feel that ongoing commitment and good planning will significantly improve your financial future."

How we work.

Our mission

"We aim to strengthen your financial position, protect your lifestyle and ultimately achieve your financial independence, through the provision of clearly explained and professional financial advice."

this is how we are currently helping our clients


How we work with you
step by step

The magic of following a process is that everyone knows what they need to do and when they need to do it. This makes sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that you know what to expect.

Through experience and progressive thinking, our Company has developed effective ways of working with our clients, but we also understand the need for flexibility within our processes to accommodate your individuality.

Information gathering

  • 01 We meet you

    This is usually a face-to-face meeting where we get to know you and you can ask us all the questions you have. We can meet at our offices or at your home, if you prefer.

  • 02 We take a snapshot

    We'll collect some details about you and your current financial circumstances, including details of any policies you might already have.

  • 03 You tell us your aims

    You'll have an idea of what financial goals you want to achieve, and this is when you tell us about them - right at the very start of the process. If you're finding it difficult to identify and quantify your goals, we'll help you to do this.

  • 04 We talk about risk

    We'll discuss how you feel about investment risk and gauge your tolerance to financial loss. We'll need you to answer some questions designed to help us quantify how you feel about risk and loss.

  • 05 We'll agree our fees

    We'll explain about how we charge for our services and make sure you are clear about how much it will cost for the work that we do for you. We won't carry out any work until you agree you are happy with the cost.

Analysis and research

  • 06 We take a closer look

    The information you provide is used to assess if your needs and objectives are currently being met, or whether you need to make changes to existing arrangements or put something new in place. We'll also tell you if you might have to change a few things to get the balance right.

  • 07 We apply our expertise

    We use risk analysis and statistical modelling tools and, of course, our expertise to draw conclusions that will form the basis of our research. We'll determine the best way forward then search the marketplace thoroughly to identify the most effective solution to achieve this.

Presenting your financial plan

  • 08 We formulate a plan

    Our research forms the basis for the recommendations that we prepare. These recommendations will aim to tick all the right boxes so that you can achieve your objectives. We will clearly explain why we have made these choices and why we believe they are the most suitable for you.

  • 09 We discuss it with you

    Our recommendations, explanations and costs will be presented to you in a report. We'll go through the content, making sure you fully understand what is being recommended. We'll make sure you are happy with the cost, risk rating, the product we are recommending, and the overall direction we are suggesting you take.

Implementing your plan

  • 10 We get it done

    Once you are happy with everything and you have agreed on the course of action, we'll get to work doing the paperwork. We'll keep an eye on progress, as sometimes things can take a little while, but we'll keep you informed of any hurdles. When everything is complete, we'll let you know and make sure you have the necessary documents.

  • 11 We keep you on track

    Things change, so it's really important to make sure your financial plan continues to perform well and meet your needs. We do this by carrying out regular reviews, where we'll talk with you to confirm your goals are the same, check that your attitude to risk hasn't changed, and answer any questions you might have. If it looks like your plan needs to be altered or added to, we'll go through our process again, step by step.