How do you charge for advice?


There is a cost for the valuable and professional service we provide, and we are totally committed to transparency when charging for what we do. We’ll always make sure you understand and agree to the costs for the work we propose to do for you.

How financial advisory firms charge has changed since 2014. Services are no longer paid for through commission from providers in respect of investments placed with them.

We now charge by fee, and the amount we charge varies depending on the complexity of the work we carry out for you. Usually, we’ll charge an upfront (or initial) fee to cover the advice and all the preparation work done. A regular (or ongoing) fee is charged to cover the work carried out for ongoing servicing and reviews.  Sometimes there will be a one-off (or ad-hoc) fee for project work carried out.

We’ll always tell you the amount of any fee and when you’ll be expected to pay, and agree this with you. If you’re not clear about the costs please ask us, as it is as important to understand the costs as well as the benefits of professional financial advice.