Flower power


Floral Friends of Frampton is a local voluntary group whose aim is to improve the local area by planting seasonal flower and bulb displays all around the community. The group first got together just over 4 years ago and have already cemented their success by winning a gold pennant.

Getting the community involved

The group gets involved with the community, working with local schools, and youth organisations to plant flowers and educate. The aim is to encourage more young people to take pride in their local area and has been extremely successful.

Fundraising efforts

Donations received from local businesses go towards funding such projects, but much of the group’s work is paid for through their own fundraising efforts. On November 28th, the Floral Friends held a Christmas Coffee Morning and Gift Sale to raise funds for the 2019 planting programme.

Office manager Tracy Bell has been a volunteer with the group for the last 3 years. Tracy spent a busy November preparing lots of goodies ready for the Gift Sale. The event raised over £500 for the Floral Friends. Well done to everyone involved.