Horticultural Show success for Tracy


Our congratulations go to Tracy Bell (our very own ‘Monty’!) who did extremely well at the St. Saviour’s Horticultural Show in Coalpit Heath on 1 September.

Tracy won first prize for her ‘Foliage Arrangement’, ‘Green & White Floral Arrangement’ and ‘Flower Scene Depicting a Nursery Rhyme’. Top-three places were won for her entries in the ‘Mini Arrangement’, ‘Arrangement in Unusual Container’, ‘Floating Bloom', ‘Candlestick Arrangement’ and ‘Basket Arrangement’ categories. As well as her floral victories, Tracy also won first prize for her ‘Dessert Apples’.


Some of Tracy's stunning flower arrangements..

Gardening is a family affair

Tracy and her husband Mike grow their own flowers and vegetables in their garden and in their allotment. Tracy says, “we grow mostly vegetables in the allotment and try to be as organic as possible. We grow dahlias and marigolds amongst the veg as pest-control. I grow my decorative flowers in the garden at home, where I can keep an eye on them more easily.”

She continues, “the horticultural show is brilliant fun. It gives Mike and myself an added incentive to do the best we can in the garden. It gets quite competitive in our household but, as yet, there have been no known acts of sabotage!”

The community event raises vital funds

“The horticultural show is a great community event. All the proceeds go to the local church fund. Mike and I participate every year and, in the spirit of the event, we re-gift our prize money back to the church fund,” Tracy explains.

All proceeds from the show and from the subsequent auction of the produce that have been entered, goes towards the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of St. Saviour’s.

Tracy is already planning next year’s prize-winning crop, but still maintains she doesn’t take it all too seriously!