In memory of Lesley Flood


In April this year, we sadly lost one of our longest-serving and most characterful members of the Brighton Williams team. Les was a huge part of our lives at Brighton Williams, quietly doing little things in the background that made the office tick – like taking all the used tea towels home every weekend to wash them. They would miraculously appear on a Monday morning, ready for the week ahead.

Les also ran the ‘Birthday Club’, organising the monthly collection from those taking part, finding out what everyone wanted, buying the gifts and then wrapping them beautifully every single time. This was no mean feat because as the company grew, more and more people joined the club and Les could have as many as three birthdays to organise in a single month. She had a heart of gold and refused to use the birthday ‘kitty’ to buy the lovely bows and wrapping paper – it all came out of her own pocket.

Les loved her garden, so when her birthday came around, we all knew that gardening vouchers were always at the top of her list. Her green fingers helped her win the inaugural Great Brighton Williams Sunflower Race by quite a margin.

Memorial rose

It’s fitting, therefore, that a beautiful rose called ‘Treasured Memories’ has been planted in our office garden in memory of Les. Office manager, Tracy Bell, planted the rose on Les’s birthday at the end of May. It’s already blooming and quietly bringing colour and vibrancy to our little garden. How apt.

Les was much-loved and we all miss her very much, but we can say “Hi” to her as we pass by her rose and take time to remember a lady who we all were privileged to know.