The Great Brighton Williams Sunflower Race – Stage 1 Update


The results are in for the Stage 1 and the Tallness Table has been updated with the latest measurements. We have a clear leader with a huge 11 cm lead over the rest of the pack.

The results have prompted a flurry of discussions amongst the competitors on plant food, potting on and general gardening best practice, and the more experienced gardeners are being very sporting by giving tips to the first-time growers in the group.

Well done to Jason, but don’t forget there’s a long way to go yet!

Keep an eye out for the Stage 2 results in a month or so …


Jason – 53 cm; Elle – 42 cm; Lynn – 40 cm; Jo W – 39.5 cm; Les – 38 cm; Debbie A – 35 cm; Gemma – 33 cm; Rob W – 30.5 cm; Julia – 29 cm; Julie – 27 cm; Nicky – 25 cm; Jules – 22.5 cm; Debbie P – 21 cm; Jo R – 20 cm; Dave – 16 cm; Lyn – 14 cm; Phil N – 12 cm

Jason's sunflower

Elle's sunflower

Lynn's sunflower

Jo R's sunflower