The Great Brighton Williams Sunflower Race – Stage 2 Update


The Stage 2 results are in and it’s all change at the top of the Tallness Table.

Les has toppled Jason from the top spot and is now leading the pack. After a massive growth spurt, her sunflower has reached an impressive 107 cm height.

We have a few late entrants (Aimee, Barbara and Tony) and sadly, a couple of retirals (Nicky and Jo R). After a false start, Lyn F has shown great spirit and re-entered the race with an entrant grown from seed.

Phil N (the tallest person in the competition) has finally cottoned on that he is growing a dwarf variety of sunflower! Phil has taken the revelation in very good humour and is determined to finish the race. A big round of applause goes to Phil and his very sporting reaction to the ruse.


LES 107 cm; JASON 99.5 cm; DEBBIE A 94 cm; ROB W 89 cm; GEMMA 84 cm; JO W 82 cm; LYNN 82 cm; JULIE 80.5 cm; AIMEE 79 cm; ELLE 78 cm; JULIA 76 cm; DEBBIE P 74 cm; DAVE 56 cm; BARBARA 50 cm; Amy 29 cm; TONY 24 cm; LYN F 9 cm

Inspired by the Great Brighton Williams Sunflower Race, we have planted a mixture of dwarf and giant sunflowers in our office garden and can’t wait for the colourful flowers to bloom.