From London to Llanelli in aid of Many Tears Dog Rescue

Many Tears dog walk

Many Tears Animal Rescue is a charity run from Sylvia and Bill Van Atta’s boarding kennels in Llanelli, South Wales. The organisation was set up to rescue dogs and puppies from neglected and abusive environments from across the UK.

The Bristol Many Tears Buddies (BMTB) group was established to provide local support for Sylvia and Bill and the wonderful work they do. BMTB are a collection of fosterer’s, knitters, dog bed makers and friends. They get together to raise funds for the Many Tears charity and to provide food and bedding for the dogs in the charity’s care.

In May this year, Sylvia undertook a monumental 280 mile sponsored dog walk from the ITV Studios in London to the Many Tears centre in Carmarthenshire. The funds raised from the walk will help to safeguard the future of the rescue centre.

Sylvia aimed to cover an average of 20 miles a day carrying her tent on her back. Accompanied by five canine friends on her journey, Sylvia camped along the route in varying weather conditions! To help Sylvia and her friends along their way, members of the BMTB offered their gardens as a place to camp for each night in the Bristol area. When wet weather made camping impossible the trekkers were provided with dryer accommodation!

The BMTB held a Table Top Sale on Saturday 25 March at Henfield Hall to help boost Sylvia’s funding efforts. The event raised a whopping £878 for Many Tears. Further donations received and this increased the total funds raised to £1,378. A big thank you to all who participated and donated.

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Visit the Many Tears Animal Rescue website where you can read all about Sylvia’s Walk of Dreams. The story is a bit of a tear jerker but the tale will shed light on why we are so passionate about dog rescue and raising as much money as we can for this great cause.